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Julie Prangl
October   4th,  2018

Julie Prangl: A Call No Parent Ever Wants to Get

When Julie Prangl took her son, Nick, for his driver’s license, they saw a sign for organ and

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September   10th,  2018

Jonathan’s Second Chance

Jonathan Bell has accomplished a lot in the past year. He went to state in track, competed on the football

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Barb Thomas
July   24th,  2018

Home of Love: Barb Thomas

James Love and Barb Thomas When Barbara Thomas rented out her home to the Love family she didn’t ...

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Jerry Taylor
July   11th,  2018

2018 Transplant Games of America: Jerry Taylor

College is supposed to be some of the best years of your life. During college, students not only learn how ...

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Donation Story
April   17th,  2018

Now This Covers Mario Cousins Donation Story

Now This, the media site reporting on the latest video news, investigative reports, interviews and original series, reported the story

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Aidan Shea
April   12th,  2018

Aidan Shea: A Catalyst for Change

Throughout Gift of Hope’s 30-year history, it has held steadfast to its vision that every opportunity for donation is successful

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